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Pay as you go pricing. Simple and straight forward! $30 per person or $50 for the whole family.

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No insurance needed (or wanted): We used to spend thousands of dollars each month to bill and collect money from insurance companies, and at the end of the year write off tens of thousands of dollars of uncollected money.  We can now save thousands of dollars a month and pass those saving on to YOU our patients.

Co-pays and deductibles are at an all time high, and we beleive it’s only going to get worse. We currently see copays at $20-50 a visit and deductibles of $2000 – $10,000 and even as high as $20,0000.

Insurance companies do not care about you, they only answer to their stockholders who are only interested in making profits. Do you really want your healthcare dictated by someone who’s not looking out for your best interest?


 Memberships: Membership fees are auto-debited from your credit/debit card monthly.

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Unlimited Care Plan

Our office also offers unlimited care plans for 1-6 months. Click here to see our full fee schedule and to join one of our chiropractic membership plans and become one of the family here at Balance Chiropractic.


The NO fine print clause:

No contract needed, cancel anytime. Memberships include all exams and adjustments. 

We do not and will not submit to any insurance company for any claim. 

*Unlimited kids under 18 living at home or under 22 in college.

Advanced Biostructural Correction

Advanced Biostructural Correction or ABC: A state of the art system of analyzing and adjusting the spine and body that, over time, allows the body to unwind and recover from its previous injuries and distortions, and thus achieve its optimal, healthy state. This is achieved by:

1) First checking for and releasing tension in the meningeal system. The meninges are the tough, elastic coverings of the brain and spinal cord. Besides protecting the brain and spinal cord, they also act as an elastic stabilizer (like a big rubber band) running from the tailbone to the head to help hold the spine together. They should never be a problem, but in a spine that is partially stuck forward (see below), improper tension or fixation of the meninges can cause a misaligned vertebra to become locked out of position. Therefore, this must usually be addressed before the vertebrae can be easily moved into their correct positions.

2) Only adjusting those vertebrae and other bones that the body cannot retrieve or reposition on its own. In the spine, this means gently adjusting ONLY those vertebrae that have become stuck forward (anterior), because the body has no way of pulling them backward (posterior). Below the neck, we have no muscles that pull vertebrae backward, but we do have muscles pulling in the other directions. This sequence of procedures allows the spine to begin to unwind and uncoil like a big spring and correct itself as it has been trying to do since the original injury(ies).This is so even if the injury(ies) happened years or even decades in the past.

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