Disease is actually the end result of Dis-ease. The term Dis-ease simply means lack of ease or harmony within the body. It occurs when for any reason the Innate Intelligence of the body is not able to carry out its functions to its optimal capacity. This occurs whenever there is interference in the transmission of mental impulses in the body (nervous system primarily), resulting in less than 100% optimal function. Chiropractors are the only health care professionals trained to detect and correct subluxations, the underlying cause of dis-ease.

If your family isn’t seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis, you’re not living up to your fullest health potential. Schedule an appointment today for Dr. Jeff Clark to check your family for subluxation.

Only you can heal you: Chiropractors do not treat or cure disease! Chiropractors simply remove nerve interference called SUBLUXATION, allowing proper nerve flow to and from the body from the brain. When your body is cleared from subluxations it can allow for improved healing and greater health potential.

The results include increased immune respone (less colds and flus), the end of headaches and migraines, decreased neck and back pain and the list goes on and on. Your kids health improves too, ends colic, ear infections, bed wetting and asthma to name a few.