What our Practice Members are saying

Hope this e-mail finds you healthy and happy. Thought of you the other day and was very thankful that I had the fantastic opportunity to meet you. Basically I suffered for 20 years with back pain, etc. From the day you adjusted me, I have had only very minor issues.

Thank you so very much for improving the quality of my life.

William B.



I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all you have done in the last several weeks to make me feel better. There have been so many improvements in the way I feel. I only hope I can express to you all the ways you have improved my qualities of life.

The very first symptom that went away was the sever dizziness I was experiencing. The diabetes specialist I had seen said it was definitely Vertigo. His recommendation was for me to see my family physician to get medication-I did not get medication. I would hardly move without experiencing some amount of dizziness. The dizziness was gone after the first visit to your office and has not returned.

I have suffered with migraines and headaches for years. I even have medication to take to help manage my migraines. I have had two very minor headaches since starting treatment with you. I do believe under certain amount of stress, there will be minor aches and pains. Minor is the key to my headaches as of late. At least they are no longer ruling my life. Along with headaches, I had a nagging, constant burning sensation in the back of my neck. After three chiropractic adjustments the burning went away, and as not come back.

For more than two years my stomach has ruled my life. Not one day went by that I didn’t at some time feel like throwing up. More often than not, I spent the whole day feeling sick to my stomach. I have had breath stench so bad my husband teased me about peeling the paper off the walls. I went to a gastroenterologist. After months of endless testing, his conclusion was that some people have symptoms with no actual problem. That was his diagnosis for me. I have been on two stomach medications for almost one year. I am taking one-third of the prescribed medication and I have had two twinges of nausea. I have had no stomach pain and although I still don’t have an appetite most of the time, I do feel more comfortable during and after eating more than I have in more then two years. In addition to the stomach problems, I have had some very serious bowel problems. Without getting too personal, I have to note that I have so much more control over my bowels now than I have had in at least a year.

For more than six months, I was getting no more than 1-2 hours of sleep a night; and that was interrupted sleep. When I did fall asleep, I would wake up in agonizing pain, mostly in my lower back but also going into my hips and legs. I spent most nights attempting to sleep in my recliner and seldom in my bed. If I did start out in bed I would end up by 2am going into my recliner. I even resorted to taking prescribed medication in attempt to get more sleep. The medication only made me very depressed and on the verge of crying all the time; but still no sleep. Every minute of every day, I was in pain. I had gone to physical therapy twice but still the pain came back. I had just learned to live with the pain and lack of sleep. I had come to think I would always have to live this way. I am up to about five hours of solid sleep a night. I wake up with NO pain. I function all day, still no pain. I garden and still no pain. I literally have been pain free for about five days now. WHAT A RELIEF.

I had come to let all the pain I was experiencing rule my life. I was living with many discomforts and I am now ready to live life!!! I get home after a ten hour day at work, and still have energy to bake, garden, visit with friends, or just enjoy being with my family. I can’t thank you enough for first of all being sure you could make my life better; and second for helping me to feel like going on; and third for the fact that QUALITY of life does exist and it exists in my life!! May God bless you in your practice. Thank you for all you have done for me. I look forward to continued improvements in such areas as my high blood pressure, my diabetes, long term wellness, as well as weight loss.

Prudi M.




I was having trouble when walking and a backache that never seemed to go away. My legs were swelling and my knees were aching. As the summer continued I was having more trouble walking, bending, stooping and getting up from a sitting position became more difficult and painful. By October my doctor prescribed painkillers and bed rest for three days to relax my back. The pain in my knees and left hip seemed unbearable. I was giving Celebrex to help with joint pain and swelling. Nothing seemed to have a lasting affect and getting more difficult to do daily living.

As November came and i could not ride or walk without pain in my lower back and legs. Sitting was uncomfortable and getting up and moving was painful. I complained to my family doctor in many visits, as I felt discouraged. Words of arthritis in my hip and knees and could be possibly crippled in time. There were suggestion of new hips and knees that did not appeal to me at all. He suggested I find a chiropractor perhaps he may help.

The holidays were approaching not able to shop was leaving me depressed and unhappy. My grandson, a patient of Dr. Clarks’ was having remarkable results and suggested I try him.

The first few visits I felt a feeling of relief I had not had in months. I still had pain but felt good at the same time. Sometimes a feeling of confusion would sweep over me feeling so great yet hurting so intensely. I would have days i could walk and move so freely and others I felt frozen in pain. Each visit i felt more relief from the constant pain but still could not ride without having difficulty walking afterwords. Slowly things started changing as i could ride and walk and do most things and not have constant pain. I can walk without the use of my cane a wonderful feeling of freedom.

Now free of pain I can walk, ride, get up from a sitting position and continue to move freely. Having more ability to take control of my body without the use of pills id a wonderful feeling.

With many injuries and aging my back has been a constant stress in my life. If I had known earlier of this type of treatment this deterioration may have been avoided.

What a wonderful feeling to wake up and put my feet on the floor and walk as much as I wish and not have constant pain. To be part of life able to enjoy my grandchildren and take part in there many activities. For my husband and I to attend a movie, eat in a restaurant not worrying that I will be able to stand and walk.

Thank you Dr. Clark for giving me back a fuller life without constant pain. ~Ann C.



When I hobbled into Dr. Jeff Clark’s office, I was in excruciating pain. I could barely move, never the less walk. I had been in a car accident in 2005 and went to a Chiropractor for about two months and it seemed that when I left his office I was in more pain when I came out then when I walked in. After about two months of the torment, I quit going and let my back recover without the help of therapy. Ever since the accident, my back randomly “locks up” on me and it becomes extremely hard to function in every-day life.

My family has been going to Dr. Clark for years and said that he was the “miracle worker of chiropractors” and trust me I was skeptical.

I walked into his office and, instead of the cold feeling or a waiting room, I was greeted with a smiling face and the room felt warm and welcoming. I automatically became relaxed and a sense of ease came over me as I was escorted into the back part of the office.

I was amazed that when Dr. Clark adjusted me, it did not hurt. I instantaneously felt relief! The adjustment took less than 30 minutes and when he was through, I could bend and move without pain. I felt rejuvenated! As if I had never injured my back in the first place. I was absolutely amazed at how comforting his office was and the excellence of his work. Now I know why my family calls him the “miracle worker”… because what Dr. Clark did for me was nothing short of a miracle. I never expected that fast of a recovery from that much pain.

It has now been two weeks after the adjustment and my back still feels absolutely wonderful. I will never go to any other chiropractor but Dr. Jeff Clark. He is honestly the best thing that has happened for my back.

After only 4 visits , I am feeling amazingly better than I was. I am breathing much better, my headaches are almost gone, my stomach and intestines are much better and my legs have stopped cramping all together. I am feeling like a “new” person already. I had no idea my spine was making me feel “awful” for so many years! I have a new spring to my walk. ~Sharon L., age 55



Thank you for adjusting Christopher last night.  At 2:00am on Tuesday morning, Chris woke up so stuffy that I had to use a nose bulb and sinus drops just to help him breath through his nose.  He was the same again at his 5:00am feeding.  The daycare called us at 1:30 to say he had vomited so I took him home.

Within 30 minutes of the adjustment, I could see improvement.  He was happier than he’s been in over a month.  He’s had the ear infection for about six weeks.  This last ten day Rx didn’t seem to do anything for Chris and after reading up on ear tubes, I haven’t wanted to go that route.

After the adjustment, Chris went to bed at about 8:00 after having more energy than he’s had in weeks and was breathing normally as he slept without nose drops.  He’s been sleeping upright at home for the last 12 days, in a rocking chair, to help him drain.  Chris hasn’t been sleeping at daycare since there, he can only sleep flat in a crib.  Chris woke up twice last night and insisted on getting play time with Dad.  Chris often waits up for Brad to come home from basketball or wakes when he hears Brad.  It’s been the first time in a month where Chris was happy and not miserable, just wanting to be held.  Chris wore Brad out.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the ear infection does clear by his Thursday 4:40pm doctors appointment.  When I tug his ears, he laughs.  He just seems exhausted from being sick for so long but he seems better.  He’s sleeping now without snoring.  I would like to do three adjustments even if he seems better.  He had a rough birth with the c-section and breathing complications.